With the Boostial Model D2, a natural evolution of our D1 model, we wanted to create a Wing Foil board that could compete with the most performing and radical rigid boards on the market, while maintaining a generous volume that is synonymous with ease and comfort on the water.

The Boostial D1 and D2 are extremely compact boards that harmoniously combine the narrow and streamlined profile of the best radical boards on the market, with a generous volume typical of the most comfortable boards. The narrow profile combined with the generous volume allows the boards to have extremely reduced friction in the water, resulting in greater cruising speed and easier take-off speed and comfort.

You will be amazed at how easily and lightly the board will rise from the water without having to tire yourself out by pumping. The generous volume, in addition to facilitating every maneuver when the board is not yet in flight, will also allow you to comfortably return to shore even if the wind suddenly drops.

Ready to race

Once in flight, the extreme compactness and narrow profile of the Boostial D2 translates into “zero inertia”. The board is extremely responsive, comparable to the most radical rigid Wing Foil boards on the market. Its narrow profile is appreciated by experienced riders because it allows for aggressive tilting and extreme angles in turns, without the risk of the edge touching the water.

The compactness and narrow profile of the Boostial D2 allow for aggressive carving with maximum responsiveness and lightness. The generous volume, a characteristic of our Boostial D lines, has been so skillfully distributed and “hidden” that, in flight, the responsiveness and lightness of our product will seem incredible to you.😉

Increased thickness of the carbon plate (16mm total): 1mm more than the average on the market!

The carbon plate, in addition to providing the proverbial rigidity, responsiveness, and robustness to the Boostial, serves as a base for attaching and distributing the forces of the foil.

A robust carbon plate that makes the board rigid and allows the foil to be securely attached to the Boostial

The boards are made with “woven dropstitch” technology welded in a double layer, to confer strength, robustness, and lightness to the inflatable Wing Foil boards. We have also specially designed and manufactured a very robust carbon fiber plate with generous dimensions and a thickness of 16mm, which is securely glued to the board in the area under the wingsurfer.

The result of combining these two technologies in our Boostial boards allows them to achieve a rigidity comparable to that of the best rigid boards, a result not achievable with the “woven dropstitch” technology alone.

The plate, a true technological jewel among carbon fiber products, is made using a state-of-the-art vacuum molding process for this type of product. The plate has both a convenient handle to facilitate the transport of the board and a “double US-rail” type recess 100% compatible with foil mounting with a standard “US-plate” attachment.

No formation of vortices

The tail of the board is a classic soft “diamond-tail” that provides stability to the board when in the water but allows a clear detachment of the water flow without the formation of vortices.

To improve acceleration and promote planing, we have mounted a “full silicon ridge” on the Boostial, a mini fin that favors planing and the detachment of the laminar flow.

Great grip and best comfort

The deck is made with 3D geometry, 5mm thickness, and a surface density and finish chosen to ensure excellent grip and maximum comfort.

Three comfortable and sturdy straps

Another feature of our boards is the possibility to mount three comfortable and sturdy straps, two front straps positioned in a V-shape and one rear strap. Unlike some of our more prestigious competitors who use single screw anchorages even on rigid boards, we have chosen to prioritize the robustness, also with regard to the safety of anchoring the straps to the boards.

The attachment takes place with separate anchoring inserts for each strap. Each insert is designed to mount two parallel screws, so that each strap is anchored to the board with four distinct screws, a solution that differs diametrically from that of our competitors, but which we believe gives greater longevity and robustness to our product.

Two sturdy stainless steel anchoring rings

The Boostial boards have two sturdy stainless steel anchoring rings, one rear ring for attaching the leash line, and the other front ring for whenever you want to tie and leave the board safely in the water, perhaps during a break in your wing-surfing session.

The philosophy behind Boostial's inflatable Wing Foil boards

Comparing wing foiling with all the water sports disciplines that we have enjoyed in many years of water-based recreational activity and comparing ourselves with a wide audience of wing-foilers, we have come to the conclusion that wing-surfing is a sport in which progress is very rapid, especially in the beginning. On average, we have found that it takes 6-10 sessions in the water to learn to fly with the wing-surf and move from a beginner to an intermediate stage.

The inflatable Wing Foil board is compatible with the main foil manufacturers


Main advantages of inflatable wing foil boards compared to rigid boards.

It is also easy to realize what the main advantages of inflatable boards are, compared to rigid ones: Greater comfort, greater ease of transport, great robustness to impacts, little maintenance/repairs, not to mention safety aspects: falling heavily on or accidentally hitting a rigid board can be much more dangerous and traumatic than hitting an inflatable board.

Additionally, we have found that the market offer of inflatable wing-surf boards mostly covers the needs of a beginner through a large supply of wide, long, and stable boards, mostly advertised as “versatile”, suitable not only for wing-surfing but also for foil-surf or foil-sup; or as “easy” because of their very large dimensions; but it does not cover at all riders from intermediate to expert level.

In fact, every new rider who is currently looking for an inflatable wing-foil board on the market will find himself confronted with an offer that he will appreciate only at the beginning of his new adventure. After relatively few sessions, as soon as he reaches an intermediate level, the size and inertia of the boards offered will make him desire a more compact, more reactive-aggressive board that allows him to progress in ever more radical maneuvers, while not giving up the comfort and safety of adequate volume. It is on these premises that the philosophy behind Boostial is based.

We produce state-of-the-art wing-foil boards that are safe, easy to use, made with high-quality materials, reactive and highly performing, and expressly designed to be used and brutalized in the most radical maneuvers of this new sport.

In short, our products are designed, conceived, and optimized EXCLUSIVELY for the practice of wing-surfing and are particularly suitable for a wide range of customers that includes a level of sports practice from the timid intermediate to the super expert.

Our company mission is to produce wing foil boards designed for all riders: from compleate beginners, to intermediates who have learned to fly after about ten outings and now want a board that can accompany and help them progress, to experts who require a board that provides great satisfaction even in the most difficult maneuvers.

Boostial wing foil boards are designed to maximize your sports performance and comfort in the water.
Every detail of our wing foil boards is designed, drawn, and engineered by a qualified team in South Tyrol.

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Performance, design, attention to detail, and durability.

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