V95636RD – Sabfoil Vento Red Devil 95636 | Pwa Hydrofoil Set


• Range: Red Devil
• Recommended for: Fast Freeride – Slalom – Race – High Speed
• Low End Speed: 13 – 15 kn
• Top End Speed (average 75kg user): 30 kn ↑
• Certifications: PWA

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The Red Devil Vento 95636 kit is a high-performance hydrofoil belonging to the Sabfoil line specifically designed for racing, slalom, and more in general for high-speed. It is perfect for regattas in medium-high wind conditions, and it is an excellent choice for competitive windfoil,as it is PWA certified.

The front wing (WRD636) features a unique gullwing design and a racing profile that offers exceptional speed while maintaining a great balance between control and maneuverability. The High Modulus mast (M95VK) provides reduced bending and torsion for maximum performance, stability and control during high speed sessions. The stabilizer (SRD379) has a fast profile and its high winglets provides excellent drive during regattas. The fuselage (F1000RD) features R6 connection to front wings and stabilizers to minimize hydrodynamic friction and turbulence, resulting in a fast and smooth experience, while the R8 (KMS) connection to mast provides the maximum strength.

Bag and Quick Release System (Q01K) included

Parts made of High Modulus carbon are super stiff and high-performing, but for that reason, they are also very fragile and susceptible to impacts. FOR THIS REASON, THE RED DEVIL SERIES IS NOT SUITABLE FOR JUMPS AND FREESTYLE, AND ITS USE FOR THESE KINDS OF ACTIVITIES CAN BE DANGEROUS AND SO NOT ALLOWED.

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